Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Church and Deaths in Custody Brisbane

There was a positive atmosphere on the 11th of April at Justice Place as Ravina Waldren (Coordinator of Murri Ministries) and Peter Arndt (Executive Officer of Brisbane Catholic Justice and Peace Commission) presented to a number of church workers the message about the rising number of Deaths in Custody and inform people of what they can do individually and within their churches to make a difference.  
(Read full story from QCT here)
Georgia Corowa  
Churches Together Indigenous Peoples Partnership, Coordinator  
3369 6792 ctipp@qct.org.au 

In Memory of Daniel Yock 

On November 7 1993 a talented young Indigenous Dancer, Daniel Yock was dragged into police custody in Brereton Street South Brisbane. Daniel died in police custody and no member of the Quieensland police force has been held accountable for his death

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Cherbourg Boys Song played in mempry of Daniel

Deaths in Custody Campaign Launched

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