Monday, February 27, 2012

Behind the Wall: A Pilgrim's Journey Towards Easter
Carole Powell is a Brisbane woman who describes herself on her Facebook page as passionate about social justice and creating peace through nonviolence.

On February 29 Carole will begin a journey of peace to the USA and  Palestine which she describes as a pilgrim's journey towards Easter.

I invite you to join me in following Carole's story of faith and commitment via her blog.

In her 2007 pre sentencing court statement Carole declared:

I am also a catholic Christian – a committed follower of the nonviolent Jesus, a prophet of peace. The same man who on the night of his arrest told the disciples to ‘put away your sword’. The man who said ‘Love your enemies’ and ‘What ever you do unto another you do unto me’. His example of living is an integral part of a Christian life, not an optional extra.

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