Thursday, July 12, 2012

Qld Petition re "Gay Panic" Defense
The  Maryborough Catholic Parish Web is not exactly one of the most  attractive or readable Church sites you would want to visit. However what makes it stand out from the average parish web site  is  the following headline from its January 2012 news:

Please sign the following online petition:   It is asking the Queensland Government and ministers to commit to eradicating a Partial defence in criminal law that a victim had made a homosexual proposition to the offender, thus somehow mitigating against violent bashing that leads to death.    Please click here.  

I support this petition, the work of local priest, Fr Paul Kelly.  Kelly is no stranger to media. He has his own youtube channel and a growing reputation as a "singing priest".

The Gay Media  have taken up this news story and it has featured in the online CathNews service recently.

This item was originally posted in January 2012 and is now re-posted in the light of comments by the new Attorney General in Queensland, Jarrod Bleijie who has dismissed the public all for reform as "unnecessary".

The infamous "Temple Police" also may have Kelly in their sights now. You can pick their web sites by the  giveaway Lain titles. Over at Vexilla Regis Paul Kelly is photographed in association with another priest Anthony Mellor who is being  pursued for his "unorthodox writings" for  Brisbane Catholic Education.  Among those who "follow" this scurrilous web publication are a couple of Paul and Anthony's fellow clergy. I wonder if they will promote or sign the petition?

I certainly hope you will dear reader!!

Download the Joy Radio Podcast: OTL_12 Jan 2012_pod.mp3
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