Monday, December 26, 2016

3rd Day of Christmas December 27th A Holy Day for Queers
Lord Jesus Christ and "the beloved disciple", St. John the Theologian
A queer reading of St John the Beloved December 27th.

St John has a special place in my personal history. Two weeks after my birth in 1953 I was taken to the Church of Saint John the Evangelist in North Geelong  to be baptized by Fr Bernie Payne. My parents being of good Catholic stock chose two reliable male patrons for me in Anthony of Padua and Gerard Majella. Both died young and lived celibate lives as religious. I have outlived both of them in years and have  been blessed by a life of human intimacy.

The lovely little Spanish Mission  Church of my baptism stands overlooking a popular beachside spot, St Helen's.  By the strange quirks of history and the preferences of the current pastor, the liturgy of the Church remains pretty much the way it was when I was baptized. I don't think they had any hymns at my Baptism. I am pretty sure that the popular Perry Como 1953 release was not on the Hymn sheet. Perhaps St John had a quiet smile on his celestial lips on that day!!

John Henry Newman :  Sermon 5. Love of Relations and Friends

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