Monday, December 19, 2011

Geoff Lacey responds to Cardinal Pell

Geoff Lacey

Talk given at Social Policy Connections Annual General Meeting 24 November 2011

In October, Cardinal George Pell gave a lecture in Westminster Cathedral Hall, entitled One Christian perspective on climate change. A shorter version appeared in The Australian (27 October 2011). He said that a reason he was speaking out was to avoid having too many Christian leaders repeating the mistakes of the past and “to provide some balance to ecclesiastical offerings”.

In this talk, I address the question of how we develop an ethical response to the issue of climate change. In particular I will examine the science, the politics, the foundations of an ethical position, and what constitutes an adequate response. I will look at where Cardinal Pell stands on each of these matters.

Read Full Text of Geoff Lacey's Talk here

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