Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stop the Gay Death Penalty

Right now, religious fanatics in Uganda are trying to push through an illegal vote that would sentence gay Ugandans to death. But two men can stop it. 

Widespread international pressure stopped this heinous bill from coming a vote in the last Parliament. Now, extremist evangelical MPs are bringing it back to the floor -- violating Parliamentary rules -- and spreading hate messages across Uganda. But 83% of Ugandans are Catholic or Protestant. If we can get the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury to appeal directly to MPs, they could stop the vote and drown out the intolerance and violence.

If we all act now -- we can save lives. Sign the urgent petition now to get the Archbishop and the Pope to speak out -- we will broadcast their messages all over the airwaves in Uganda -- then share this campaign with everyone!

To Pope Benedict XVI and the Archbishop of Canterbury :

We stand with citizens across Uganda who are calling on their government to withdraw the gay death penalty bill and protect the universal human rights embodied in the Ugandan constitution. We urge you to join us in rejecting persecution and upholding values of justice and tolerance by loudly and publicly denouncing this brutal bill.

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