Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farewell Geoffrey, Welcome Mark!

In 2011 on a balmy November evening in Brisbane  I had just come back from a refreshing dip in the pool to be greeted by this announcement 

In two brief sentences we the sun soaked Catholics of Brisbane have been relieved of our local  Archbishop John Bathersby (ABJB) and have been gifted with another  "off-shore" product in  the Lord Bishop of Lismore, Geoffrey Hylton  Jarrett.

The Apostolic Administrator ad nutum Sanctae Sedis is no stranger to  this side of the Tweed. In  a former life he worked as an Anglican priest in Queensland. According to the Lismore press, the Bishop's preaching appeals to Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce.( No relation to Allan...wowo didn't know he was gay, Allan, that is not Barnaby)

You will find an interesting  discussion of this appointment on the Catholica Forum.

To help you recognize the new apostolic Administrator  ad nutum Sanctae Sedis in case you bump into him at the IGA shop or out for a stroll in New Farm here is a shot in his day gear.You can see a more formal pic of the Lord Bishop of Lismore here with some of his colleagues. Bishop Jarrett is the one on the extreme right which may be where he likes to stand.This pic was taken at the opening of the Australian Bishops investment property in Rome. Apparently the guys in the pic are the major investors. Guess which one is rumoured to have bypassed his finance committee before handing over a  substantial contribution. And what a relief to see no-one from our beloved Brisbane Hierarchy  dipping in for this project.

Some interesting conversations are happening in the hallowed halls of the Catholic Centre where the real decision are made about the Archdiocese.It seems the AA ad natum Sanctae Sedis will pop into town for a couple of days a week to sign bits of paper.

To what extent can the AA makes decisions about the governing structures and personnel of the Archdiocese? This is an interesting issue as Brisbane does not have a Vicar-General as is usual. We have a moderator at the top of the power chain.

As +Jarrett is not the Archbishop I presume that like the auxiliaries he will not be allowed to sit on the "chair" which in Brisbane is a most austere looking piece of white marble with a thin cushion to soften the plonker.

As AA ad nutum Sanctae Sedis does +Jarrett get to pick up +ABJB's public roles for example on the Senate of the University of Queensland?

Does one address an AA ad nutum Sanctae Sedis with his "Lordly" status from Lismore or is he entitles to a more "graceful" status?

Will +Jarrett bring his own episcopal wardrobe with him or will he "make do" with the stuff we have in the cupboard at St Stephen's?

The new AA ad nutum Sanctae Sedis takes up his role in Brisbane at the beginning of National Nude Week. Not sure if Geoffrey is into clothing optional ecclesiology!!

2012 Update!!!
As of  April 2 2012 Geoffrey began to save petrol on his Brisbane visits as another "off shore" product has been offered the pallium in Brisbane.  Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra will be packing his  wardrobe and moving north. I expect Mark will take up  permanent residency in the New Farm property called "Wynberg". At 63 that gives him about 12 years on the local marble cathedra.You can watch Geoffrey and Mark chat about the Brisbane job here.
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