Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome the Divine Wedgie (Nudge Nudge, Grin Grin, Say No More!)

Out there in the religious and spiritual blogsphere you find a little gem that you want to add to your collection. I found The Divine Wedgie thanks to a column in Cathblog

Only after I had posted this item did I go back and check the title of the blog to realise it is really The Divine WEDGIE. That has to be up there with the "Top Titles".

Now you have to sit up and take notice of a name like Matthew John Paul Tan. Is he related to my favourite illustrator Shaun Tan? In April 2010 Matthew added a Doctorate to his name tags  which in my world is almost as cool as having a good Facebook profile!!

Apart from the well crafted text published by Cathblog, I was pretty impressed to find Matthew's blog reference to Rene Girard I wonder if he will respond to the barbed animosity of the comment posted by Anonymous? We share a common interest in the Ekklesia Project and I will be trawling around Jesus Radicals for familiar mentors in the faith journey.We probably share less interest in the The John Paul II Institute of Family and Marriage and Campion College. I wonder which of my links we will have in common?

I look forward to reading a bit more of Matthew, not that I expect to agree with him, but I enjoy the healthy perspectives from  this new generation of Catholic writers who seem more optimistic than some of the more progessive discussion forums and "communities".
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