Sunday, May 01, 2011

Catholic Activist Calls for Removal of Pope's Image From Churches

Brisbane Catholic activist, Tony Robertson has called for Catholic Churches in Australia to remove the image of Pope Benedict XVI which by custom has a place of honour in Churches, Schools and other religious buildings.

Mr Robertson said "This is a symbolic way of expressing the anger hurt and dismay at the treatment of Bishop Bill Morris of Toowoomba who has been forced to resign following a Vatican investigation."

"The investigation denied Bishop Morris any natural justice by not allowing him to see the report which was published following the apostolic visit of Archbishop Chaput of Denver in 2007" he said.

By removing the images of the Pope from our public buildings we will send a strong message to Rome about our dissatisfaction with the policies and Church direction currently practised by the Pope and the Roman Curia". he said.

Mr Robertson said: "Catholic Liturgy includes prayers for the Pope and Bishops of the Church and these prayers will continue to remind us  that those who govern are not always acting in good grace. We need to continue these prayers that the current generation of Bishops from the Pope to the local ordinaries will not be consumed by their status, power and finery"

"For this action to be effective I suggest that parishes schools and other Catholic centres send their pictures of the Pope  to the Apostolic Nunciature in Canberra where such action will be recorded and reported in Rome" he said.
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