Friday, April 08, 2011

An invite from the Vatican

I may have missed an invite to Wills and Kate's wedding, but now I have an invitation to drop into the Vatican in May The pontifical councils for culture and for social communications are inviting bloggers to the Vatican May 2 so the Vatican can “listen to the experiences of those who are actively involved in this arena” and “achieve a greater understanding of the needs of that community,” said a press release  (English Translation) sent out this morning. (yes I know a Pontifical Council gets capitals but this source is a Catholic News Service in the USA)

I don't really know much about the PCCSC but when I googled images to see what the boys in the office look like I got a few surprises. A piccie of the Kiss team is a great lead to another commentary on this event from Ex Umbris Et Imaginibus This Catholic blogger suggests a few of the better known English speaking contributors that could add colour to the gathering.

However poor old EUEI completely ignored our  Aussie Catholic bloggers and discussion leaders. Perhaps a dose of Lourdes water could get   Fr John George out of retirement to lead the rush for the "True Catholics" We also have  the singing Catholic  Martin Cooke who has filled a couple of Catholic Pews with closet fans of JG. For a bit of witty and erudite orthodoxy Sentire Cum Ecclesia would bring some ecumenical experience. Unfortunately the conference is only booked for one day and when you allow for get to know you games, drinks and meals, the actual conversation will probably happen over a few hours.This would create incredible frustration for Brian Coyne and his faithful word counter Mr Fallon. Both failed the "Economy of Words" class at school.

According to the Catholic Blog Directory there are 2.386 of us worldwide.Only David Schutz and I rate a mention from the above list. However a quick scroll shows an interesting Aussie presence including some I hadn't known about before. I don't think we can count Catholic Boomerang as the author is based in Canada.Among the more interesting blogs would have to be Darkness draws closer from blogger Davie Clarke who describes himself as a "24yo bisexual Catholic, torn between lifestyle and faith."

If the Vatican is serious about this conversation, why isn’t  it doing it online? Where is the Vatican based blog site that we can all log into for the conversation? And I have to question the expectation that one day is enough to achieve the stated goals of the meeting.

Why would you expect that Catholic bloggers would want to be in Rome for the John Paul 11 beatification? Sounds like selective conversation again.
Where are the subsidies for bloggers from developing countries who cannot whip up a quick air fare when Rome calls?
Oh well, I will continue blogging away downunder and make an effort to add my voice on May 2 with the hope that someone in the Vatican is “following” me. Meanwhile I may brush up on some  background reading such as The Church and the Internet
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