Friday, December 10, 2010

Stop the Sainting!!

 In December 2011 the news from the Vatican included: Pope decrees sainthood for Italian, beatification for 11 others

Now I am sure they are all jolly good folk with the usual quirky characteristics that lead people to found religious orders. What's interesting about this list is that there is not one lay person among them. What is disturbing about this list is the inclusion of six clergy who have been recognized as martyrs who died for "hatred of the faith".

What is really fascinating about this list is that they are contemporary enough for us to find quite a few of them in Google images.
Baltasar Mariano Munoz Martine
Antonio Palladino
Selim Abou-Mourad

Enough I say. We have enough "Sainted" clergy and religious.

When will the joys and hopes grief and anguish of ordinary people of faith who live in the suburbs as single married and widowed be recognized?

Enough of miracle criteria. Does our God really play favourites? I don't believe this.Let's get back to local calendars of ordinary saints who inspire us to live the Gospel.

And what is this criteria of those who have been martyred for "Hatred of the Faith"? The Spanish revolution was not about "hatred of the faith" It was as all revolutions are: abuse of power and economics.
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