Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to wear to Mass?

A news report from Church Resources with a good dose of religious kitsch announced that Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg attended Mass at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney this week. We were even told that "Wahlberg, 39, was at Mass on Monday, wearing his golf clothes after a game with co-star Will Ferrell..."

In the original report from the Herald Sun, Wahlberg is photographed arriving at the airport in what seems to be his golf gear, possible ready for Mass.

However, Church Resources chose to use a Wikipedia image of Wahlberg seen here in his "Sunday Best".

Both reports noted that Wahlberg is "a
committed Catholic and Calvin Klein underwear model" so why couldn't we have one of those great shots in his undies that you can find all over google. Was he wearing CKs under his golf pants and in good sagging manners, did they peek out as he knelt in prayer? I'm sure Church Resources would have seen their ratings go through the roof had they used this pic of Wahlberg to accompany the article.

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