Sunday, August 29, 2010

Redress for Victime of Clergy Abuse

A practical suggestion in the process of redress for victims of clergy abuse has to be the public acknowledgement of the criminal history of clergy like Kevin O'Donnell

  • All parish and archdiocesan histories should include an appendix noting the abuse history of clergy who are named as pastors and assistants in Parish and Diocesan records.

  • Deceased Bishops and Archbishops who contributed to the scandal of silence should be removed from their burial sites in Cathedrals and interred in public space with plain headstones and a comment explaining why their remains have been removed from a place of honour.

  • It is a custom in Catholic schools to have an honour board of former students who have ben ordained. I suggest clergy who have been convicted of sexual abuse and stripped of their priesthood have their names removed from such honour boards and an explanation included at the base of the board.
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