Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jesus the Christ E-Conference

On behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference I invite you to participate in the upcoming National eConference Jesus the Christ on Thursday, September 16th 2010. Fr Gerald O’Collins sj will share his understanding of Jesus Christ as Son of God, Son of man; fully human, truly divine. If your parish, college or community is not involved perhaps you may like to give it a go!

This eConference is a faith formation experience and is designed for the ‘hungry and thirsty’ in our parishes, schools, colleges and hospitals. There are no costs involved. The Mary First Disciple eConference in May attracted over 60,000 participants. We will provide the ongoing support and necessary resources to make this a successful event for your community.

The IT requirements for this eConference are very simple - a venue with broadband internet access, data projector, screen and a set of speakers. For more information and to register go to and to view previous eConferences, please visit and follow the links.

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