Monday, January 18, 2010

Extreme Catholicism or Pope Prepares for Holy Mosh Pit

Being catholic can have its "moments" It's like a cross between Ashtons Circus and a Grand Opera (although the Church isn't keen on any ladies, much less the fat one who sings). I couldn't resist a comment on this latest news item: Feature - Bring back the sedia to guard Pope

Yes, let's bring back some of the old 'pomp and circumstance'. Why should the Brits have it all? Problem is that today we are hemmed in by so many WHS regulations.

Will Papa need to wear a seat belt at a certain height and will it co-ordinate with the liturgical colour of the day?

Will there be height restrictions on the sedia which limit it to being carried at waist level? (is the sedia a waste level anyway?) LOL

What speed limits should be placed on the palafrenieri? Will the palafrenieri be expected to do daily gym workouts to keep up the stamina needed?

Should Papa always be carried 'ad orientum' in keeping with the reform of the reform?

In the interests of reflecting the universal and inclusive nature of the Church, should the palafrenieri be drafted from each continent and could they perhaps wear a national costume? 

I expect the option of female palafrenieri is out of the question as they can be usefully employed to throw rose petals on the ground to break the fall should the palafrenieri lose their grip.

And lets bring back a few more Flabella but let's not stick with the ostrich feathers. Let's include more birds. Maybe Kevin could send Papa a Magpie Flabella?

And I want the job of the little friar who gets to run out in front of Papa's sedia at the traffic lights and yells 'sic transit gloria mundi'! (This has nothing to do with traffic conditions on Monday.) 

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