Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Divine Society- Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews, is a mate and inspiration who continues the great tradition of hairy men with spectacles changing the world. He is pictured here with another of my favourite "hairy men with spectacles", Jarrod Saul McKenna These two blokes are all the inspiration and encouragement I need to stop shaving and celebrate change in our human community and our planet.

Dave, well known through his work with Waiters Union has written a new book, A Divine Society - The Trinity, Community and Society, launched in Brisbane in June 2009. ‘The doctrine of the Trinity - that God is one yet three without ceasing to be one - is for many people the most perplexing of all beliefs. How does one make sense of it?' Dave shows us how the Trinity can be ‘an indispensable paradigm for living together in a cruel, violent and lonely world.' Dr Chris Marshall, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University.

.Other publications and articles by Dave Andrews (all highly recommended - provocative and inspiring reading!). If you're exploring Dave's website, it's worth a look at the songs - thoughtful and challenging lyrics.
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