Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Irene McCormack 1938-1991

May 21st is the anniversary of the Australian martyr Irene McCormack.

My book collection includes a small volume of stories written in memory of six modern martyrs by Melbourne priest, Gerard Dowling. As the book was going to print the news of Irene's death was breaking across the nation. Gerard Dowling was a able to add an insert to the collection with a biography of Irene.I also have "Irene a Tribute to Sr Irene McCormack," by Margaret Le Breton rsj now out of print.Both books sit in my "honoured" space this week to be re-read.

Much of my adult life has been formed by friendships and ministry partnerships with inspirational "Joeys" across three states.

May Irene's passion challenge us to Gospel dreaming and faith-filled action


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