Saturday, March 29, 2008

Emerging Downunder: Creating Celtic, New Monastic Villages of God

Emerging Downunder: Creating Celtic New Monastic Villages of God taps into the current hunger for spirituality, the death pains of obsolete church forms, and the rising tide of hope felt by many Christians. It suggests ways the fragmented church may reconnect both with its roots and the contemporary environment, providing practical examples of church that bring praying, eating, learning and hospitality together in one place.

This book was first published as Church of the Isles by Ray Simpson for a British audience. In collaboration with Brent Lyons Lee, it has tapped in to worldwide conversations about ‘emerging church’ and ‘new monasticism’ and applied it to a ‘downunder’ context.

The good news of God revealed in Christ Jesus is timeless but the nature of Christians gathering to worship has changed through the centuries. In Emerging Downunder Ray Simpson and Brent Lyons Lee are documenting new forms of church in this 21st century. May this book challenge you into a deeper relationship with Jesus through new ways of being the church of God.

Dr Philip Freier

Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne

This is a read for the restless; those who are hungry for something deeper, who cringe with what passes for Christian identity and worship these days and despair when they read church pew bulletins. In fact many who now feel church-less may well find hope here. Or those who walk a lonely path of spiritual isolation where soul mates are rare.

Rev Tim Costello

CEO World Vision Australia

RRP $28.95. Copies can be purchased through Brent Lyons Lee or ph 0413 311 170
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