Sunday, March 25, 2007

Music to Stir Your Spirit

The life and faith journey of each of us is shot through with "sacramental" moments. If we're attentive and listening, inklings of the sacredness of life, and of the God who lives at the heart of all creation's story, can break through and nourish, delight, challenge and heal us.

In our communities we mark these moments when we gather together. This collection of songs explores such experiences, as we know them through the sacraments of our church's life, and the other various moments when we need to reach out for the sacred.

They are a celebration, a prayer and a meditation centred on this journey to the heart.
Music Publications
Over twenty eight years I have written and published music for the church and for people that they might taste and celebrate the gospel in their lives and in their worship. Here is a glimpse of that history.

Rise Up and Speak the Truth is a compilation CD with inspirational peace and anti-war music from various artists around Australia and the world.
Probably the best anti-war CD since the sixties – maybe of all time! It is the main fundraiser for the Pine Gap 4 Legal Fund – so you can support us and enjoy some great music at the same time!
Artists include: Shane Howard (ex-Goanna lead singer), Seize The Day (U.K), David Rovics (U.S), The Love Bombs (Cairns), Myrrh (Melbourne), Steve Bevis (Blue Mountains), Dave Andrews (Brisbane), Penelope Swales (Melbourne), Solidarity Choir (Sydney), Trisha Watts (Sydney), Peter Kearney (now in Ireland), Andorra (Sydney), Dana Lyons (U.S), Alec Burns (Brisbane).
Each song (16 tracks) has a strong message and as a whole the collection is a powerful call to action. The CD cover has a blurb about each song and artist as well as info on Pine Gap, the action and trial.
ONLY $15 each (plus $2 postage) if you order them from Jim (email or phone 34253003) or you can buy them from Justice Products (West End), St Mary's Catholic Church South Brisbane or Rocking Horse Records ( Brisbane city) – possibly for $20
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