Thursday, June 22, 2006

Roman Cardinal misses Brisbane Pride March

In beautiful Rome, the Pontifiical Council for the Family has Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo as its colouful and vocal President. The good Cardinal has a habit of reminding Vatican officials about the correct use of condoms and the place of homosexuals in the family which creates some havoc in the Press Office.He also has a wonderful wardrobe of party gear and a penchant for funny hats.

Due to a hectic schedule rumoured to include family plannng advice to Nicole Kidman, the Cardinal missed out on an opportunity to lead the Brisbane Pride March on June 17. However, in his absence a group of attractive young men from a similar organisation rallied to the cause. Although they lacked the Cardinal's dress sense, they matched his literary output with a series of home made encyclicals for the day.They also demonstated their amazing vocal range which rivaled any cheer squad at an AFL finals series.

Like much of the good Cardinal's writings, the young evangelists stirred a bit of interest and public debate for a few moments until real life caught up with the rest of us who had come along to celebrate the 17th Annual Pride March in Brisbane.

I have published a set of the images of the day and will be posting off the link to the Cardinal in case he wants to include any in future publications of his Council. I'm sure he'll love the family shots and the images of the fervant young protesters, one of whom has trouble spelling Sodom.Perhaps there is a distance course in Biblical terms close to home for this young man..

Another great event during this month of celebrations included a public meeting with Justice Michael Kirby. Congratulations to the Metropolitan Community Church, one of the sponsoring bodies of the evening.I don't think Cardinal Trujillo nor the young evangelists have ever been to a service at MCC.However for many people who identify among sexual minorities, this is a community of faith where they hear the Gospel proclaimed and experience the life of a Christian community.
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