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One of the great things about Catholicism is catholicism. This means that we are all connected across  time and space particularly with those who have gone before us in the faith and in the human journey. Having patron saints  in the Catholic blogsphere also helps readers to get a handle on the general orientation of a site.

This site is under the patronage of
#Catholics are fascinating people.They come with more than the standard 57 varieties and add a splash of colour to the religious canvas of humanity.
Today I celebrate one of my favourite real Catholics, St Christina the Astonishing Comma Virgin. Yes, she was both astonishing and a virgin thus the significance of the comma.
Today is Christina's feast day. She doesn't make it into the official calendar of saints but I have adopted her as one of the patrons of my Holy Irritant blog which offers a quirky insight into all things religious.
So, get out of your comfort zone today and explore the eccentric and the amazing impact religion can have on you!!!

St Basil, The Holy Fool
St Basil the Fool: 

For those that look for such things, I also have a clayton's imprimatur, being listed in the Catholic Blog Directory

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