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Welcome to my cyber-library of theology. Here you will find  links to theology and theologians I have read, heard or studied. As with any personal reference library it reflects my journey and interests. I welcome your visit and hope you will find treasures and surprises as I have in the wisdom and insights here.

I have chosen to  begin with this page with the call to Dadirri from Australian educator and  theologian of the land Miriam-Rose Ungunnerr-Bauman.

Theology Downunder
Theology Upover


Sing-a-long Theology

From my earliest memories music song and hymns were part of my upbringing and exposure to all things theological. I have even composed a list of the religious songs that have influenced me over 64 years: Singing My Way Through Catholicism.This is the section where you sit back and sing-a-long to familar and new tunes of faith.

Youtube Theology

Essential theology books of the past 25 years

A changing church July 2018

  On The Spirit of Things this week, you'll hear both sides of a changing Catholic Church.

The Voice of Catholic Youth