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Welcome to my cyber-library of theology. Here you will find  links to theology and theologians I have read, heard or studied. As with any personal reference library it reflects my journey and interests. I welcome your visit and hope you will find treasures and surprises as I have in the wisdom and insights here.

I have chosen to  begin with this page with the call to Dadirri from Australian educator and  theologian of the land Miriam-Rose Ungunnerr-Bauman.

Theology Downunder
Theology Upover


Sing-a-long Theology

From my earliest memories music song and hymns were part of my upbringing and exposure to all things theological. I have even composed a list of the religious songs that have influenced me over 64 years: Singing My Way Through Catholicism.This is the section where you sit back and sing-a-long to familar and new tunes of faith.

Youtube Theology

Essential theology books of the past 25 years

We posed this question to eight theologians:Suppose someone who hasn't been keeping up with theology for the past 25 years now wants to read the most important books written during that time. What five titles would you suggest?

Ten Important Women Theologians