Sunday, January 10, 2016

Short Course on Mercy in Brisbane

The “Short Course on Mercy” will be held in late February-March 2016 (in Lent). 

It aims to explore the biblical, theological and ethical meaning of mercy as part of the Year of Mercy announced by Pope Francis. The planned structure of the Course is:

Monday, 22 February: Pope Francis’ Theology of Mercy (Assoc. Prof. Orm Rush)
Monday, 29 February: Biblical Understanding of Mercy (Dr. Ian Elmer)
Monday, 7 March: Creation and Sin (Assoc. Prof. Robyn Horner)
Monday, 14 March: The log in your eye: Mercy and Ethics (Dr. David Kirchhoffer)

Please note that all the sessions are on Monday evening. The final date on the Short Course website is currently wrong (as it has a Wednesday session). This will soon be corrected.

For more information, please visit the Short Course website and click on the Brisbane page:

To register, please visit:

We have applied for this Short Course to receive hours in the Brisbane Catholic Education Office’s "Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School" and "Accreditation to Teach Religion in a Catholic School". I will notify you once this is confirmed.

If you cannot register online, or wish to register a group (by invoice), please contact

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