Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Message from L'Arche Palestine

A message from #larche in #Palestine
A community with whom I live in solidarity
July 29 2014

This is a time of intense sadness in Palestine. The almost continuous bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli military has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000. The members of L’Arche in Palestine, as most of the inhabitants of Bethlehem and Bethany and other areas in the West Bank, are doing okay, though the tension and unpredictability in our daily lives – as well as the feeling of powerlessness in front of the atrocities committed against our brothers and sisters in Gaza – are really taking a toll on us.

For people on the West Bank, life during the day is more or less normal. At night, though, there are demonstrations to protest against the situation in Gaza, and the Israeli army uses force to quell the demonstrations. These clashes can last for hours. It’s a situation that has all but emptied us of any hope for peace.

It is the end of the month of Ramadan, and, as one of our important traditions, a number of people from L’Arche in Bethlehem will go to prepare and share the Iftar evening meal with our friends at the malja (institution) in Bethany. What gives us hope is our ability to create something beautiful together even in the midst of an ugly situation. It’s a sign, a very small sign, that faithful relationships can be a source of hope.

We’re very grateful for the messages of prayer and concern sent to us by so many individuals and communities around the Federation. Let’s together pray that the hearts of all people will be touched with a genuine desire for and commitment to peace and justice

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