Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amazing Stuff from the CathNews Facebook Page

If you want a good afternoon of religious provocation and reflection you should brew a coffee or pour a stiff drink and scroll around the CathNews Facebook Page. This is a selection of some my responses to  material they have published. My responses are no longer available on the CathNews FB page and I have been "banned" from making further comment. Must be a sensitive mob over there or maybe this is the ripple effect of New Evangelisation lapping our shores.

Perhaps this is a sad reflection of the current state of Church practice. Violent men who like wearing silly costumes have no valid place in the ministry of the gospel and cannot command respect or obedience.

I really object to the publication of this macho violent image being used to promote religious messages. The history of clergy sexual abuse and the associated violence should be enough to deter Church publications from this model

Just wondering if the people in this image are a same sex couple?

Blessed Andy Pray For Us!

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