Friday, February 17, 2012

Supporting Project Compassion 2012

My connections with the annual Project Compassion Appeal go back to 1978. I was living in the Fitzroy   parish community with the local clergy,  Len Thomas and Peter Hart. Our community embraced  a colourful collection of people with gifts and needs.

 Len was also National Director for Caritas' earlier incarnation, Australian Catholic Relief  at the time and we were looking at some creative ways to launch the campaign.  This is where I took to the streets, a custom  begun in the days of the Vietnam moritoriums.

Rather than marching and chanting slogans I took to the steps of the GPO  in Bourke Street  with some Project Compassion material, a guitar and my well rehearsed songs of freedom and liberation  from my copy of "Travelling to Freedom".

Those songs of justice have continued to be sung with new choruses from communities  that include Timor Leste, Thai -Burma Border, Zimbabwe, The Philippines Peru and our own country.

On Friday February 17 the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane was filled with compassion as Caritas Australia took centre stage for the launch of the 2012 Project Compassion Campaign.

Click here for images of the event with Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd  joined by Caritas Australia CEO Jack de Groot, Sister Joan Doyle RSM and Brisbane schoolgirl, Tess David.

Project Compassion is our annual fundraiser. In 2011 we raised more than $9.7 million for the world’s poorest communities. These funds directly support our vital humanitarian work in more than 30 countries!

In 2012, we’re hoping to raise even more but to do that we need your help to get the word out there that it’s Project Compassion time again!

Help shape what campaigns we work on in 2012 and beyond.
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