Saturday, January 05, 2013

Twelfth Day of Christmas: Epiphany

It's an amzing world isn't it? In the Northern winter today's  religious celebrations include a bracing swim to recover a cross thrown into the waters. There is also a ritual blessing of the waters and the craft who sail in them.

Here in the Land Downunder we are soaking up the sun and diving for pleasure.It's Sunday and some may use wikianswers as a guide to taking down their decorations on this day. However, the best local content for today's celebration come from  blogging mate Michael Carden:

Today is Epiphany Day. Originally January 6 was the date of Christmas in the Eastern Churches. The Emperor Constantine adopted December 25 in line with Western Church practice and gradually through the 4th century, it became the standard date for Christmas. The only exception was the Armenian Church. Armenia was an independent kingdom and had adopted Christianity a few years before Constantine made Christianity a licit religion in the Roman Empire. The Armenians kept to the older date and thus observe Christmas today.

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