Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Welcome to my domestic nativity for 2011. I live in an estate of townhouses where our front windows face the roadway which gives the place an English Village feel. . I have put my nativity on the window sill this year for the local kids and neighbours to enjoy. 

As has been my custom the Nativity scene includes the diversity of traditional and popular images. The centrepiece is from Korea, a reminder of the divided nation. As we gather in joyous celebration I remember the people of North Korea  living in a closed world manipulated by political and military powers.

The angel figurine is from Peru and many of the other figures are drawn from popular culture. They include folk heroes like Batman, some wizards and mermaids, a few popular saints,yes,a Buddha  a Bushy and even a native North  American Indian on horseback.

The Magi are not installed yet as they won't arrive until Epiphany on January 6. According to the traditions (not the song) there could have been quite a few in the convoy and not merely the three we usually expect.

May these  12 Days of Christmas  bring you encouragement and strength for the journey of justice and peace-making to which this celebration calls us. 

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