Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sacrifice, Law and the Catholic Faith: is secularity really the enemy?

The premise of the Catholic Faith is that there is no real other in any meaningful religious sense, that is "another" who can be seen as so unlike us that they could not learn as we have learned, that we are victimisers and must learn not to be, and so belong to the same sign as we. There are only humans who, starting from where they are, can have desire reformed in such a way as to learn not to create identity over against anyone else at all. Whenever we come across an apparent "other" and start to get frightened and retrench into identity politics, we are not becoming more Catholic, but much less Catholic. My sorrow at Archbishop Nichols' recent sermon seeking to maintain a sacred right to discriminate against gay people was not because I am a gay man, but because I'm a Catholic. It is because I am a Catholic that I recognise that anyone playing identity politics with a victimary [sic] slant is functionally atheistic.

James Alison The Tablet Lecture 2011
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