Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Online Wednesday 6 October, 2010 – Saturday 15 January, 2011

Sydney, Australia: An exhibition of 99 works that explore the religious and spiritual in art will be displayed and for sale online at http://www.blakeprize.com.au from Wednesday 6 October 2010 to Saturday 15 January 2011. The works were selected by the Blake Society Directors from over 300 images shortlisted, for finalist consideration, in this year’s Blake Prize.

The exhibiting artists include Craig Ruddy, Maryanne Coutts, Janette Hanrahan, Shirley Purdie and David Tucker.

The Blake Prize Exhibition Program continues to be one of Australia’s most committed to allowing artists to engage and explore the religious and spiritual in art. This year’s online exhibition includes works that look traditional religious themes including parables and symbolism. Many works also undertake a personal exploration of the religious and spiritual encompassing themes of stillness, loss, life experience and fertility.

Rev Dr Rod Pattenden, Chairperson of the Blake Society said, “The Directors cut provides a stunning survey of the range of works submitted for this year’s Blake Prize. The standard is extremely high and the range of ideas and modes of expression are prickly with interest for both collectors and people interested in ideas of cultural diversity in Australia.”

The Exhibition runs from Wednesday 6 October, 2010 to Saturday 15 January, 2011 For MEDIA enquiries and images contact Stefanie Lewis on 0419 442 643 or info@blakeprize.com.au
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