Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supporting Acceptance Sydney

The  anti-Acceptance Facebook page  are planning a "protest vigil" outside St Joseph's Church Newtown at  our Mass Before Mardi Gras this Friday evening 26th February at 8pm. Last Friday night, 4 members of this group paid us a visit to take photos and video of our mass with the purpose of showing the bishop to 'shut us down'.

Ours is not a 'gay mass'. It is a regular parish Mass held each Friday night. It is the same as any other Mass - the only exception is that most of those in attendance identify as being gay or lesbian or bi and Catholic. It is a safe place for us to worship.

What can you do to help? Come to our mass this Friday night as a supporter of Acceptance. Bring your family and friends. Let's fill the church to overflowing! Forward this email to friends who are sympathetic to our cause. Keep us and our detractors in your prayers.
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