Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to be a silly Bishop

Nuns prayers "secret weapon" against rain

Published: March 19, 2008

A secret weapon to ensure sunny skies during Pope Benedict's visit to Sydney for World Youth Day has been revealed - prayers.

Reuters reports WYD's Bishop Anthony Fisher, who is coordinating the Pope's mid-winter Sydney harbour cruise, says he hopes his "secret plan" will ensure good weather.

"I have nuns all around this country praying for good weather for that day," Bishop Fisher said.

Yesterday organisers unveiled plans for the Pope to arrive via Sydney Harbour by a 13-vessel "boat-a-cade".

It is expected about 150,000 people will line the harbour to welcome the Pope.


Australian nuns pray for sunny Papal visit (Reuters 18/03/08)

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  1. Why must we mimic secular media with all this "secret" business? Since when has prayer been a "secret'?This is the stuff of tabloid journalism and only contributes to a sense of dismay about the whole WYD event (s).

    What if it rains? Does that diminish the value of certain Nun's prayers? Does it mean God is more interested in relieving drought than big welcomes?

  2. Incredible! When are we going to get beyond such primitive, backwater images of God and such patronising views of women! I don't believe we need to convince God by copious prayers to bestow his blessings on us, let alone that God turns rain on and off at the behest of our prayers. We no longer believe in the three tiered universe so why do some people in Church continue to speak as if we do?

  3. Perhaps it would be better if they prayed for the rain to fall in Victoria and South Australia. We certainly need it.

  4. "secret weapon"! ... sorry. Doesn't work like that....
    ..."demanding" God work a miracle on the laws of
    nature God already sustains. And are one group of
    pray-ers "better demanders" than others??
    Christian prayer, is articulated differently and
    more-realistically, these days ... with a fair sprinkling of humility and gratitude, after accepting
    the kind of weather that actually eventuates - which I, too, hope is good!

  5. I trust that at the same time Bishop Anthony Fisher has asked the nuns to send a lot of rain to South Australia this year. Today's Adelaide Advertiser reports that Adelaide will run out of water if we don't get good rainfall this year.

  6. Kids' prayers are best

  7. I would go a bit easy on prayers against rain.

  8. What nonsense! Although I think it would be very nice if there are sunny skies to greet the Pope, let's not get carried away - we need rain too.

  9. What an embarrassment is Pellian protege Anthony Fisher and his secret plan! Ignoring the pathetic attempt at ANYTHING for media attention, is he suggesting that nuns are likely to do his every bidding? That's not only self-delusion but patronising - suggesting that (1) nuns have nothing better to do than pray for fine weather for his pet project and (2) nuns pray any better than the rest of the citizens of the Catholic Church - for rain, no rain, a lottery win, to pass an exam, to be a Cardinal like his boss... or anything! He'd be better off studying some recent theology i.e. from the last fifty years!

  10. I think my good sisters would be better occupied praying for the inspiration they need to speak up for the countless beleaguered peoples of the world, those in Darfur, West Papua, Tibet etc.etc. etc., whose concerns are far greater than a little July dampness on the Papal shoulders. Most sisters I know have gone beyond an image of God who is expected to dance to the desires of picnickers and those on Big Days Out.
    We plant rice and cotton in the middle of the driest continent on earth and pray for rain, then bring the Pope in a Boat in the middle of July and expect sun.
    No wonder a lot of people laugh at religion.

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